Cancellation and refund policy


Navin Bros Private Limited a NBFC having registration no: and having registered office at 43, Palace Court, 1, Kyd St, Taltala, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016 (hereinafter be referred to as “Company” or “us” or “we” are the Regulated entity (NBFC) of the mobile application by the name of Lendplus (“App”) and website ( (App and Website are hereinafter together referred to as the “Platform”).


1.1 Loan Application Evaluation:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd conducts a thorough assessment of loan applications to ensure accuracy and transparency. We reserve the right to cancel the sanction letter if any false information or improper documentation is identified at any stage of the application process.

1.2 Misuse of Loan Funds:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd may cancel the loan sanction and recall the entire disbursed amount, along with applicable interest and penalties, if it is found that the loan funds were not utilized for the intended purpose as specified in the loan application.

1.3 Asset Quality Disclaimer:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd does not bear any responsibility for faults or defects in assets purchased using the loan amount. Borrowers are advised to verify the quality and condition of the acquired assets independently.

1.4 Non-Completion of Formalities:

If a borrower fails to complete the prescribed formalities or submit required documents within the agreed-upon timeframe, Navin Bros Pvt Ltd reserves the right to cancel the sanction letter.

1.5 Amendment of Loan Terms:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd retains the right to amend the terms of sanction, including but not limited to the amount, repayment period, or interest rate. Borrowers acknowledge that they have no recourse against such decisions. Navin Bros Pvt Ltd may, at its discretion, cancel the sanction letter without providing a specific reason.

1.6 Repayment Period and Extensions:

Upon the conclusion of the repayment period, the entire outstanding balance becomes due. Extension of the repayment period may be considered only in exceptional circumstances, such as natural calamities or disasters.


2.1 Excess Amount Refund:

In the event of an excess amount being deposited into the loan account at the end of the repayment period, Navin Bros Pvt Ltd will initiate a refund upon receiving notice from the borrower.

2.2 Failed Transaction Disclaimer:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd shall not be held responsible for any failed transactions related to loan instalment payments through debit cards/Credit Cards/UPI/NetBanking/Wallets. Borrowers are advised to ensure the accuracy of transaction details.

2.3 Correction of Wrongly Credited Amounts:

If a repayment instalment is erroneously credited to a different account, Navin Bros Pvt Ltd will rectify the entry upon notification. However, Navin Bros Pvt Ltd does not bear any responsibility for consequential losses to the borrower.

2.4 Reversion of Extra Instalments:

Upon specific request from the borrower, Navin Bros Pvt Ltd may revert any extra instalment deposited into the loan account. The company shall not be held responsible for additional credits.

2.5 Policy Modification:

Navin Bros Pvt Ltd retains the right to change, amend, add, or cancel any or all of the above rules at its sole discretion, without prior notice to borrowers.